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Rania Hassan combines knitting and painting to weave sculptural stories about our connections to time, place, and circumstance.

artist statement
I am fascinated by the connections we find in our everyday experiences. How do we think of our place in this world? How do we fit in it?

My work is about levels of connectedness. I paint, draw, and knit to represent these moments. We are all connected somehow.

This series started because of my fascination with knitting, love for painting, and intrigue in the community of knitters I found online from around the world. I think about how it links me to my mother, her mother,
and all the generations of women who came before them.

The five main themes I explore surround ideas of time, memory, identity, synchronicity, and community. My chosen surface is wood, which I stitch with the most delicate hand knit copper, stainless steel, silk, linen, and bamboo threads—with the help of a needle-sized drill bit.

Rania Hassan makes installations that combine knitting and painting with fiber and wood to weave sculptural stories about our connections to time, place, and circumstance. Her artwork is in the permanent collections of the National Institutes of Health (NIH, Bethesda, MD), Amazon Web Services (Herndon, VA), and the District of Columbia’s Art Bank Collection (Washington, DC). Solo exhibitions include The Front (New Orleans, LA), Gormley Gallery (Baltimore, MD), and Artisphere (Rosslyn, VA). She has given presentations about her artwork at area Universities (George Mason University, 2014) and Museums (Textile Museum, Washington, DC, 2012, 2015), and her work has been featured in publications including the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, and Vogue Knitting. Awards include a Craft Award of Excellence (2009) from the James Renwick Alliance and seven years of Artist Fellowship Program Grant Awards (2009, 2014–19) from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.